How to Initiate Classroom Discussion on Sensitive Topics?

Sometimes it becomes difficult to initiate discussion on some sensitive issues/topics, but these discussions are needed to improve participants understanding, promote their growth and to open their sight for a large range of perspectives that exist around.

Classroom Discussion
Response technology facilitates instructor to start discussion among participants anonymously on any sensitive topic. Anonymous polling will not track the participants information, and will keep their privacy protected. Instructor allows students to contribute in open discussion and converse result in community environment which results in to understand participants better.

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We can understand the contribution of Response System in classrooms by following points

Classroom Response System Encourages Open Discussions 

Carefully constructed questions for discussion and display the aggregate result help students to understand how exactly other participants think. Classroom Response clickers allow teacher/ instructor to open anonymous polling to focus on responses rather than points and then discuss the aggregate result. Even shy or weak participant is able to respond on anonymous questions, which encourages them to participate in all classroom activities. This tends to increase their connection with their classmates in terms of performance.


Response Clickers Give Participant a Voice

One of the major problem in classroom discussion is that discussion tends to be dominated by some talkative students, and other participants lack in expressing their thoughts. Which results in degradation of overall classroom performance. Using anonymous polling, even participants who are reluctant or do not express their thoughts can also share their views without any fear from peers. One of the primary advantages of student response system is that it gives the voice to each and every student seated in a large lecture hall.

response system in classroom

Eradicate Embarrassment

When comes to discussion on sensitive topics, students become reluctant to respond and share their opinions. Participants can be embarrassed for being judged by others for their views. They may also be criticized by others without any reason unintentionally. Polling on anonymous questions eliminate judgement by hiding who responded in which way. Thus Audience Response System eradicates fear of judgment among students.

Strengthen Trustworthiness

Sensitive topics require healthy and unbiased discussion for success of students in different perspectives. Anonymous polling enables participants to become trustworthy and honest irrespective of questions being asked. Teacher may display cumulative result and respond accordingly for active classroom participation.

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