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Interactive Response Software from Turning Technologies, USA
Optimized for any size presentation environment.
Speed, Reliabilty and Simplicity
Cost-Effective, Compact Size and Robust Student Response System

Turning Point Software -Instant Assessment System
Creates interactive presentations, enhances audience understanding, increases participation and knowledge retention, keeps the audience energized and so on..

TurningPoint is the easiest-to-use and most powerful assessment software, offering additional capabilities and an enhanced overall user experience. TurningPoint now consolidates the company's most popular products into one, simple interface for polling in PowerPoint, polling in any application and self-paced polling.

The TurningPoint Dashboard offers instant management of polling participants, content, sessions and reports. Available in install and no-install versions for both Mac and PC, the newest version of TurningPoint creates a versatile solution for assessment delivery and data collection in any environment.

How Response System Helps You?

Easy to use student response system

PowerPoint Polling deliver Interactive PowerPoint presentations using seamlessly created slides powerPoint Slides or Imported Turning Point Cloud Question Lists

Instant feedback system

Anywhere Polling poll over top of web pages, videos, documents or any application using a floating, interactive toolbar that controls key functions.

Custom reports by our clickers

Self Paced Polling allows you to launch assessments, have evaluations and surveys that enable participants to work at individual speeds.


POLLING OPTIONS PowerPoint Polling
Deliver interactive powerpoint presentations using seamlessly created powerpoint slides or imported turningpoint questionlist.
Anywhere Polling
Anywhere Polling: Polling on webpages, documents, videos and any other applicationr
Self-Paced polling
Poll assessments, evaluations, and surveys that require participants to work at their own pace.
QUESTION TYPE Multiple choice, multiple responses, true false, short answer, essay, demographic assignment, priority ranking, likert, analogy, word scramble and moment to moment question types.
CHARTS Vertical, Horizontal, 3D Pie, Distributed Pie, Offset, Doughnut, Response Only.
ANIMATED CHARTS 3D Column, 2D Column, 3D Pie, 2D Pie, 3D Doughnut, 2D Doughnut, 2D Bar
COUNTDOWN TIMER Allocate timer to questions in many shape such as Square, Clock, letter and gemstone.
PARTICIPANT MONITOR To view live score of participants.
RESPONSE STATISTICS Mean, Median, variance, Standard deviation
COMPETITION Team Assignment, Participant leader board, team leader board, team MVP board, fastest responders, racing leader board, wager
IMPORT QUESTION Document files, turning point file, question point file, rich text file, QTI file
PARTICIPANT LIST Create, manage participant list
RESULT Question-wise, participant-wise, detailed report (summary), demography-wise, team-wise, demographic comparison, comparative result, team points, session log report. Can be exported to CSV, excel and HTML formats..
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 7/8 /10 and upgradable.
SESSION DATA MANAGER Allows you to have toggle views, see total point obtain, set benchmark and scale.

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