How do voting pads create excitement in the classroom?

Response technology creates an unprecedented excitement in both teaching and learning. Technology helps you to reduce your academic and administrative workload drastically. We live in the digital era and everything is getting influenced by it for success and advancement. 
For better academic achievement we come with sophisticated response technology to engage the students from every corner of the classroom. This engagement tool is simply known as Student Response System.

Student Response System enhances the interaction between teacher and students and creates a fun learning environment. It helps to gather responses on any topic from participants within seconds and generates immediate results with the graphical representation for detailed analysis.

Response system consists of a student device, faculty device, receiver and assessment software. The teacher teaches a lesson and puts the questions in PPT slides and allows students to respond. Each student responds using student device individually or in the group. Teacher controls the entire session cordlessly with the help of faculty device and moves around the classroom to keep his eye on every participant. Students have to devote their attention listening to the teacher. More attention results in more understanding which in turn results in a better academic outcome. Moreover, you have the data of each and every student for future reports analysis and monitoring. Response technology is pervasively being used in major private and public institutions to fulfil a list of purposes. This can be used for polling to collect data on sensitive subjects where anonymity is concerned. Event organizers can use this response system as a voting device to collect feedback from the audience during speech/presentation.

In a nutshell, response system has the ability to improve the outcome in the classroom, training room, seminar hall, event and so on.  You should use the response system to increase the participants’ engagement, attention and content retention.

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