Lecture Enhancement Through Voting Pads

Voting pads can be used in classrooms to enhance the lecture. A lecture/presentation can use voting pads to incorporate enhanced teaching procedure in a given teaching-learning environment. This can raise the level of attention, engagement, and learning. An electronic voting system adds a two-way communication between the presenters and the learners.

The interactive learning system is being adopted widely in a large number of educational and training setups. This has not only increased the level of curiosity among the student/trainees but also embedded a sense of healthy competition along with fast-paced learning. Traditional teaching-learning setups mainly focused on the content of a lesson or a topic of discussion. Modern classroom setups with the addition of a voting system incorporate an advanced level of learning and understanding among the audience and the presenter simultaneously. Apart from just delivering the contents of a lesson, the teachers can now add cross-questionings, quizzes, and competitive games in context to the lesson. This raises the level of understanding about the topic among the students. Indirectly it also helps the teachers/trainers to understand the level of understanding and magnitude of participation of student/trainees within the lecture.

Frequent voting through interactive questions helps the trainers to engage the learners with the topic. This frequent cross-questioning helps explore a larger section of the topic. With the help of polling results and frequent polling, the trainers can engage their students into group discussion. This helps the learners to understand thoroughly the correct and incorrect aspects of the audience understanding. Group discussion is the best ways to summon participants to learn a greater portion of the topic and explore themselves. This, in turn, saves time and effort within a teaching-learning setup.

Electronic voting indirectly provides trainers to understand the learning pattern among learners. With the help of such polling stats, the trainer can modify the content of lessons in accordance with the learning pattern of the students. By assessing the correct polling, the presenter gets to know the misconception among the participants and engage them in a small group discussion to explore and share knowledge among themselves. This eventually raises the level of participation and making the process of learning fun.

Gamifying the lessons with the help of healthy competition in a controlled and safe environment, helps learners to get an all-round know-how on the topic in context to real-life situations. Thus, with the help of such an electronic voting system, the students get acquainted with the real-life implications of the topics covered in the academic literature. This brings to an end to those traditional and boring sessions of a classroom or an outdoor presentation. Ever increasing scope of technology in the teaching-learning process accelerates and enriches the knowledge sharing in academic as well as the corporate environment.

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