Learning Gamification Through Voting Pads

It is recognized and widely accepted that the teaching-learning setups which incorporate active interactions between the trainees and the trainers, yields better learning of concepts, retaining them for a longer time and a lot of more positive results in context to passive learners. Advancement in technology resulted in the introduction of voting pads in the modern education setups.

Nowadays, such voting pads are widely exploited in such teaching-learning setups, to raise the standard of education delivery. One of the very impulsive uses of voting pads is gamification of the classroom activities. Gamification, apart from making the learning a fun activity, also raises the number of participants in the classroom activity. This also stimulates the learners to explore their capabilities and learn from their previous mistakes without any sense of embarrassment.

Voting pads are an integral technology of modern classrooms, corporate training, and live events. Such a technology increases participants content retention, improves participant engagement by promoting interactivity, and reinforces the correct responses. Instructors utilize wireless voting devices to communicate with learners and collect feedback on questions throughout a class, training, conference or a meeting. The voting system is a perfect tool to ask for candid and anonymous feedback from participants when reviewing the most sensitive of subject matters.

With the help of voting pads, the instructors are enabled to create a challenging and competitive environment through gamification. With the various options to customize the setup, the instructor can also assign capabilities to the trainees to respond individually or in teams.

Betting is an important aspect of any game or competition. This raises the zeal among the participants to invest their ultimate effort to gain more or to save more. Modern response system allows students or learners to bet their prizes in terms of their points or grades to earn more.

Features of a voting pad based gamified model in learning

Simple rules – With the help of voting pads and specialized computer software instructors can set simple rules of gamified learning which is common and easily interpretable between the system and the participants.

Progress – A live leaderboard or a progress bar provides participants with a rewarding feeling and motivates them. The participants are continuously aware of their progress and stay connected to the learning process.

Understanding the participants – A gamified learning environment should help the teacher to understand the various aspects of the learners such as their level of understanding, their target, their strength, weakness etc.

Connecting to the real-life – The gamified content consists of various real-life instances which introduce participants to real-life situations, problems, competitions etc.

Evaluation – A voting pad based gamified learning environment incorporates extensive statistical analysis of the responses. This provides the instructor a deep insight into the learner’s behaviour which directs the instructor towards the scope of improvement into the teaching-learning setup.

Prompt and accurate – The modern voting pads are more advance to provide a detailed correct and quick stat about the event progress and the participant’s behaviour, individually or on a group basis.

Advantages of Gamification through voting pads

  • Helpful in driving engagement, connection and learning among the participants. It gives more ways to interact and have fun whilst learning at the same time.
  • It promotes healthy and friendly competition among the participants.
  • Gamification helps participants earn a sense of achievement.
  • It is an effective way to provide learners with an informal and real-life situation of life in a safe environment.
  • With the help of voting pads, the responses are prompt and transparent which helps participants to practice alertness and knowledge retention.
  • It helps to retrieve information about the behavioural change among the participants for various instances of progress, trail, target, etc.
  • It is an all-pervasive concept which can be applied to every section of almost all types of learning need.
  • Training through gamification can earn a significant positive change in organizational

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