Assessment for learning from voting pads

Assessment in a teaching-learning environment can be described to be a process by which the retrieved information regarding the performance of the learners is utilized to strategize the teaching and learning process. Assessment can be utilized as a powerful tool to promote or inhibit the learning, depending on its application.

An assessment process via voting pads is prompt and easy to apply. The inferences can also be derived and depicted on a real-time basis too. The wireless electronic voting pads help to eradicate the traditional and cumbersome use of pen and paper. This eventually saves time and resources on a large scale. The learners can undergo more frequent assessments without any hassle without waiting for the entire syllabus to be covered.

Features of assessment through voting pads

  • Prompt – The responses with the help of voting pads can be retrieved and compiled remarkably quick and accurate. This helps the trainer to reveal the results in a time-saving manner.
  • Accurate – The voting pads are specialized electronic setup inheriting the most of the features of a contemporary computer system. Thus, the responses retrieved are as accurate as a computer system.
  • Wireless – The advancement in technology has given birth to more and more advance voting devices which are equipped with wireless connectivity. This provides clutter-free connectivity of all the devices at a time to the server computer system.
  • Intuitive – The voting software having a smooth and easy interface makes the usage of such a voting system more convenient for most of the trainers. A very nominal first hands-on is required to get acquainted with the operating system.
  • Interoperable – The assessment through the electronic voting system can be incorporated into almost any type of training throughout the corporate and general setups. This gives a wide range of utility for voting system in the current teaching-learning system.

Advantages of assessment through voting pads

  • The assessment process through voting pads is live and transparent. This provides, among the participants, a sense of trust. This results in more and more participation for engaged and thorough learning.
  • The results are quick and live which save the most valuable thing of today’s world ‘time’. In this way, it helps eradicate those traditional practices of pen and paper assessment which took time in days.
  • Due to living and transparent results through voting pads nowadays, it is possible to undertake various real-life assessments in a controlled environment which enhances learning without levying any disadvantages to the participation. This indicates a more reliable setup for assessment for a healthy competition.
  • Seeking clarification within the contest has been made easy by the electronic voting system. The traditional pen and paper assessment involved days and months for the results. This eventually involved more time to understand the concepts and seek clarifications for the same. The electronic voting system helps a quick result and clarification within the classroom which assessing progress of learning. Thus, a voting system speeds up the learning process for a faster and balanced academic setup.

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