Agile Teaching Through Voting Pads

Voting pads are the latest technology which is incorporated in almost any type of teaching-learning environment. Voting pads apart from driving participants’ engagement in the classroom also assist the trainer/presenter to assess the progress of learning and devising various ways to accelerate the learning process.

What is agile teaching?

Agile teaching is the process of adopting the requirements of the teaching-learning process. In other words, a trainer adopting the technique of agile teaching quickly assesses the learning speed of the learners in the given teaching-learning environment to find out more ways to speed up or slow down the process of teaching and learning.

Researches reveal that modern educational systems with active instructional methodology has yielded better results and accelerated the teaching-learning process. In today’s classroom setups such an active method of instruction is adopted with the help of voting pads. Such voting pads help the presenter to assess the learning pace of the students/trainees. With the help of such a quick and convenient assessment the trainer quantifies the learning speed of the trainees. Knowing the learning speed and to accelerate it, the trainer can take the necessary steps and decides new ways of education delivery. The process becomes faster and more convenient with the help of Voting-pads.

Continuous cross questioning helps keeps the participants engaged in the classroom and consequently adds spark to the lecture.

Advantages of using voting-pads for agile teaching

  • Voting pads as compared to traditional ways of assessment proves to be high time efficient in assessing the learning speed.
  • Details and analytics derived through an electronic voting system help the trainer to take necessary actions in the teaching procedure and in the right direction.
  • The data analytics can be preserved and applied to the future batches of learners to save time and effort.
  • An adaptive and interactive teaching model helps increase the engagement of the participants which is the main goal of any teaching-learning setup.

Due to the ever increasing quantity of information and continuous advancement in the education delivery system, a teaching system requires to be agile enough to meet the teaching-learning demands. With the use of voting pads, the assessment of the learning can be derived quickly and in real time. To help trainers to devise new ways of teaching, the voting analytics provides them a precise direction and decision. This, in turn, makes a teaching-learning setup more advance and engaging. These speed up the learning process and save the effort of the trainers.

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