Remote Polling Solution To Conduct Assessment At Remote Locations

RemotePoll solution allows you to conduct polling, assessment, survey at remote locations, and collects the response data at host computer to monitor the event and analyze the performance of participants from one place. Now there is no need to confine at single place, RemotePoll enables to conduct session, meetings, presentation across cities, states and even countries.
RemotePoll distance learning solution allows a presenter to poll using ResponseCard clickers or ResponseWare at different remote locations, the audience sends their responses from different locations and the result displays immediately at hosting site. RemotePoll extends the functionality of TurningPoint assessment suit.
Participants in remote location can have an easy and effective use of TurningPoint technologies for answering questions. Instructor gathers the response data, displays the instant result and analyzes the performance of audience.

Key Features
  • RemotePoll is fully compatible with TurningPoint assessment software.
  • Results are immediately transferred to TurningPoint slides.
  • RemotePoll collects all the data from remote locations and create combined report.
  • ResponseCard and Resonseware are used for easy responding.
  • Connects Multiple Locations - use traditional Internet connection
  • Communicates through ResponseWare - employs ResponseWare web-based polling application
  • Responses of local and remote participants integrated to generate combined report.
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