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Interactive Pad


interactive mobiview Mobi View is an interactive teaching device, which has a large LCD display to monitor your lecture from anywhere in the classroom within the range of 50 ft. User can control his PC using interactive mobiview cordlessly.

Mobiview provides the ability to interact up to 9 students simultaneously with single receiver. This device is based on electromagnetic technology. Students now can work conjointly and learn from each other for achieving high level of progress.

Mobi View can be integrated with Classroom performance system and instructor can receive real-time formative assessment feedback of students from anywhere in the training room. Students enter their response through CPS clickers and immediately displayed on the mobiview LCD screen. Now teacher have the response data in hand which augments deeper insight into student performance system.

Specification :
Digitizing Technology
Electromagnetic position-sensing
Digitizing Resolution
1000 points per inch
Output Rate
60 Coordinates pairs per second
LCD Display
4.3" Color TFT with resistive touch screen (finger or pen)
Platform supports
Microsoft Windows® (7, XP or Vista), Mac OS X, and Linux
Hardware Interface
Power Management
Auto-sleep mode (after 20 min.), adjustable screen dim timer, adjustable screen brightness.
Wireless Range
50 ft (15.24m) open field line of sight.
Max. Pads per Configuration
Up to 9 Mobi mobile interactive whiteboards can give simul taneous input to a single computer.
Language support for English, English UK, German, Polish, Portuguese PT, Portuguese BR, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French