Interactive Pad

Interwrite Mobi

interactive mobipad Interwrite mobi replaces and eliminates higher cost of traditional fixed whiteboard. Interwrite mobi is the first handheld interactive whiteboard and enables educators to deliver their lecture effectively while moving in the classroom. Now teacher can control the computer system from anywhere in the classrooms.

With the addition of Mobi Learners, up to 9 students can participate and interact with lecture simultaneously. Mobi view provides student-centered and digital learning environment for both teacher and learner to achieve higher level of collaborative learning.

When interwrite mobi integrated with the CPS response system, teacher has the real response data in hand while moving in the classroom. Student sends response through CPS clicker and result is immediately shown on the interactive pad large LCD display.

Specification :
Platform Support
Microsoft Windows® (7,8, XP or Vista), Mac OSX, and Linux
Operating Temperature
40° to 115° F (5° to 46° C)
Storage Temperature
-40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C)
Battery Life
Typical classroom usage: 8 hours
50 ft (15.24m)
Receiver Dongle
Slim Type(stores directly in tablet)
Max. Pads per Configuration
Up to 30 Mobi™ can be connected to a single computer. Up to 9 Mobi™s can give simultaneous input to a single computer.
Power Source
USB Charging