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Interwrite Cricket

Student Feedback System

Interwrite cricket clicker The Interwrite Cricket works with virtually any instructional resource in multiple formats, including PowerPoint presentation software. Interwrite cricket works on radio frequency protocol, which provides easy and reliable connectivity and enhances the performance in large classes. Cricket clicker's seamless integration with ExamView software, allows teachers to create question banks and content, and deliver lessons and assessment tests effectively.

Today's students are tomorrow's future. Ensure that your students can build a successful tomorrow by succeeding today. Edu-Assessment's "Student Response Systems" provide educators with the ability to engage students actively and easily assess student's performance.

Key Features :

Specification :
Response type
Multiple choice, yes-no, true-false.
Wireless Protocol
RF (2.4 GHz)
Maximum Number of Clickers Per Receiver
Maximum Number of Receiver
Operating Distance from Receiver
50 m (150 ft) Does not require line of sight between clickers and receiver.
2 Years limited Warranty. Extended warranty options are available
OS Compatibility
Compatible with Windows® 7/8 , Windows® XP,Vista® (SP1), Mac OS® ( X 10.4.1) or higher .