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CPS Spark

Audience Voting System

CPS spark response system is the latest, durable hand-held and radio frequency based clicker used for instant feedback. CPS spark is designed and manufacture after the eInstruction powerful software Response, so it is fully compatible with response software. CPS Spark response system is reliable, easy-to-use and efficient feedback system, which can be used for answering multiple-choice, true-false and yes-no type questions.

CPS spark has user-friendly interface that makes it more intuitive to use. In addition, It can be integrated with Mobi pad, and shows the real-time feedback of students on Mobi's KWIB screen. CPS spark can also be connected with Examview software, which allows teacher to deliver more interactive lecture Common Core State Standards-aligned content efficiently.

1000 CPS spark clickers can be connected with single receiver in the range of 150 feet covering large auditorium effectively

Key Features :

Specification :
Response type
Multiple choice, yes-no, true-false
Wireless Protocol
Maximum Numbers of clicker per reciever
LCD Display
3-line LCD Display.
Runs on 2 no. of AA type batteries with a typical life of 9 to 12 months.
Operating Distance
150 feet. Does not require line of sight between CPS Spark™ and receiver.
2 Years limited Warranty. Extended warranty options are available
OS Compatibility
Compatible with Windows® 7/8 , Windows® XP,Vista® (SP1), Mac OS® ( X 10.4.1) or higher .