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CPS Pulse Clicker

CPS Pulse Response System

CPS pulse clicker CPS pulse response system is easy-to-use, hand-held radio frequency (RF) based clicker, widely used to respond by students in millions of classrooms today. Customers can avail from us the CPS Pulse response system for business, training, classroom examination, market research, polls, surveys any other industry or personal use, where you need immediate response from your audience.

Students are now more confident to answer each question and teacher can assess individual performance of students in different report formats immediately using our CPS Pulse response system. CPS pulse clicker can be associated with Examview software, hence presenter can deliver highly interactive lecture to enhance the students engagement, involvement, interest, progress and achievement.

CPS pulse student response system can also be integrated with interactive Mobi pad, which displays the real-time students' response on Mobi KWIK screen.

Key Features :