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Improves Outcome in Training, Education, Live Events and so on....

Audience response systems are integral and essential part of today's classrooms, conference rooms, corporate training and live events. Audience Response System increases participants' content retention, engagement and improves their attention towards learning.

Instructors utilize wireless voting pads to communicate with learners and gather responses on multiple questions throughout the session. He can assess their participants on the fly using instant live reports. Response technology is the best tool to collect feedback on even very sensitive issue or subject anonymously. Reluctant participants now respond to each question confidently with greater interest.

Our State-of-the-Art Student Response System helps to improve


Our Audience Response System helps to engage all participants throughout the session. It enables you to engage your audience with real-time result. Instructor can keep participants on track with an active learning participation. Student response system will not allow sleeping or daydreaming of your students. They will remain active and aware throughout the lecture to absorb the content. Impromptu question can re-energize your classroom and bring excitement in both teaching and learning.


Study shows that after 18-20 minutes of passing of lecture, students' loss their concentration, our Student response system helps teacher to make students more attentive. While Audience response systems are integrated in the classroom, students have to spend more time on listening to teacher because they have to answer the questions in the end of the lecture. More they listen, more they absorb the content, therefore better academic achievement they will have.


Audience response system helps to improve knowledge retention of participants. Participants stay more alert during presentation and instructor spends more time discussing the topics related to questions that had the higher percentage of incorrect responses. Response system brings more interaction among teacher and students, students collects more details about questions being asked. Participants can also discuss sensitive topics anonymously and be more aware.

How Audience Response System Works?

Who can use Audience Response Systems?


Teacher or faculty can use our Student Response System to engage students and enhance their attention throughout the lecture. Response System eliminates the teaching and academic workload drastically. Student Response Systems help teacher to communicate, assess, evaluate and educate the students in interactive ways. Students devote their entire time listening to teacher, therefore response system helps to improve their understanding and academic achievement.


Voting pads make your delegates and audience happier. Voting pads help event organizer to keep his or her audience engaged and energized throughout the event. We provide simple and ready-to-use response technology, which empowers you to gather feedbacks from your audience instantly and anonymously. Our Response System ensures you to keep your participants identity safe and confidential. Poll quizes are easy to put in PowerPoint and simple to run by just one click.


Audience Response System is perfect to conduct interactive corporate trainings. If you are going to conduct a board meeting or employees training session or opinion based survey, we have a simple and versatile solution for you in form of Audience Response System. Participants remain engaged and attentive while using our response system. This helps the trainer to explain the things comprehensively. Content retention among participants is all about 100%.

Are You Ready To Engage Your Participants?

What are the benefits of Voting Pads?

Benefits to Faculty/Instructor
  • Test creation within 20 seconds on any subject using our powerful student response system
  • Conduction of concepts test within 2-3 minutes for any class and group of students
  • Immediate result and individual student's report cards generation in different formats
  • Audience response system enhances the learner's progress in corrective manner
  • Enhances the effective time-management and reduces the burden of staff-work to be carried home
  • Student response system avails extra time for you to teach as assessment load no more exists
Benefits to Students/Participants
  • Enhances interest of students to solve each question confidently
  • Instant result and performance analysis helps students to adjust their own focus on learning
  • Students have receptive frame of mind to enter class confidently
  • Student response system reduces the examination pressure
  • Audience response system helps students to be exceptionally smart
  • Helps students to induce unprecedented excitement in learning
  • Evolves profound proficiency in time management
Benefits to Management
  • Increase the achievement level of their students to an exceptionally high standard
  • No strugglers are left behind as failure rate of students is reduced to nil
  • Easy access to students personalized reports
  • Enables preparation of the students for all type of competitive examinations
  • Easy evaluation of teaching methodologies adopted
  • Audience response system creates passion for teaching, learning & evaluation
  • Success rating of students becomes very high using our student feedback system

Why Choose Us?

Unlimited Support. Instant Training. Advanced Software

We at Edu Assessment Pvt Ltd have the best and highly appreciated Audience Response System, manufactured by Turning Technologies USA. Our Voting Pads have about 78% market share internationally. The purpose of Audience Response System is to enhance and promote the real-time interaction between instructor/mentor/teacher and audience/listeners/participants. The Audience Response System operates on radio-frequency technology; hence it does not require line-of-sight. These clickers are robust, reliable and produce instant and completely error-free result within seconds. Participants can respond or cast their vote by simply pressing the buttons of the clickers and results are displayed immediately. Our Audience Response System/voting pads can be used in multiple environments such as Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Corporate Training, Seminar Halls, Auditorium, Motivational events, Quizzes, Business Meetings etc. Responses/feedbacks accumulated using Audience Response Systems can be analyzed, reviewed and evaluated in various report formats.

Some Fun Facts

  • We are the first to bring Response Technology in India
  • Our Response Systems share about 78% market share worldwide
  • We provide the best service support to our clients
  • We have worked with all major Government establishments in India
  • We make interaction SIMPLE, technology INTUITIVE and software EASY
  • Our customers are multiplying day-by-day
  • Our response technology is reliable and 100% error-free
  • We love to customize our solution to meet your requirements
  • Customer satisfaction is our main objective
  • We are the leader in response industry
  • We provide the best 3 years warranty on our Audience Response System

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